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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Little Jonny Boing Story (Kryon – Lee Carrol)


I absolutely must share with you this story told by Kryon. I heard it the other day on one of YouTube channels Kryon Office - YouTube that share his wonderfully helpful information.

So, the story. And wait for the punch line, it’s worth it.

The story is about a toy machine with four wheels on the planet of machines. The hero is little Johnny Boing. “Boing” because he loved jumping up and down. Why, he couldn’t explain. But his main pride was being very fast. When racing other machines he always came first. And not just modest half-length first, but way more.

Growing among other machines, he was taught “the ways of the world”. And one of the ways was “when you grow old and die, you get to Machine Heaven and meet Machine God; he fixes you up and sends you back”.

When you have a plan how to live, you follow it. So when Johnny couldn’t race others anymore, he decided it was his time to go.

When Johnny got to Machine Heaven he saw God, as he had been promised. He was glad things were working out according to plan. God was also glad to see Johnny. Only he said, “You know, Johnny, you haven’t fulfilled your full potential.” “How come, this cannot be, you might not know. I raced other machines, I was so fast!” “Yes-yes, I know,” replied God. “But what do you think Boing means? You are Boeing 747.”

This is the story. For all of us who do not believe, who do not know our own power and wing span. And Kryon helpfully explains where to look for “wings”. Look for what is already there, built in things.

Leaving You With a Quote

If you avoid conflict to keep the peaceyou start a war inside yourself. – Cheryl Richardson.

Leaving You With a Quote

"Those who looked entirely to money and position are forced, and will be, to question their beliefs. The troubles with the economy can be the answers to the problems of Western civilization. 

There are always psychic checks and balances. When people feel they have gone too far far in one process, they disrupt it, stop it, look at it.”

The Personal Sessions Book 3, a Seth Book, Deleted Session December 18, 1974 – Jane Roberts 

Beautiful Life

Listening to the Universe: Signs

You may laugh all you want, but I consider it a sign. Doves so rarely perch on my balcony rail. And here one did land for 30 seconds – and right when I was thinking to myself, “Curious, how much I am enjoying these educational sewing videos. Sitting here on the balcony with my laptop.” You can say it is all together, but sewing videos were the important ingredient – of learning a special kind of “new”. Since I learn a lot of new things – in different areas. So, I made the conclusion – with mine and dove’s help – that this activity is a good idea for me to pursue. Since I enjoy it so much. 

Leaving You With a Quote

 “You must each expect improvement and look for it. And then nothing can hold it back.”

Seth, Personal (Deleted) Sessions, Book 3 – Jane Roberts                      

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