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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Spring Cleaning


I don’t know if you pay attention to your night dreams. I do. Now, I do. After reading in books whose authors I trust that our dreams are full of helpful answers, creative ideas, and other useful information. 
One of my recent dreams was about “making room for new”. 

 Projects, ideas, way of life? Therefore, the cleaning. But more – because I finally felt like it. The look of piled paper and craft supplies stopped drawing the typical reaction of “oh, no, this is back-breaking, not today”. The desire to see my room well-organized and tidy – for more enjoyable plork (play-work) and relaxing outweighed the unattractive “sorting process”.

So far my room is not well-organized and tidy. The new hobbies – sewing and painting – brought numerous supplies. I need to find comfortable home for them on the shelves and in the closet.

Sorting papers is more difficult for me, so I sort them “by table spoons”. Taking those that do not require thinking (only arranging neatly) in bed with me to sort – while I watch a movie. As for those that require thinking, I put on music. And process small portions at a time.

Other Spring Cleaning ideas:

-        Do you get enough junk mail? Oh, you do? Same here. To make room for useful mails (drawing lessons, tips for lucid dreamers) I take time to unsubscribe from emails that are no longer useful. 

-        Giving things away.  You know this already. Before the pandemic I used to make a large pile of things we no longer use – from clothes to appliances – and order pick up from Salvation Army. Then they stopped sending out trucks. Over the last months I have used to give away larger items.

How trusting and being sure helps

Even in present situation with Vladimir (my husband recovering from cancer) and in the world – I know things will sort themselves out and we will cross this bridge to quieter times.

I am sure of this and constantly remind myself to disregard “the route” we are taking – today, tomorrow, next week. Like you disregard what stations your train takes you through, as long as it takes you to the desired destination.

Beautiful Life

Trust helps to drop fear. To feel that when I will need to make a step, there will be solid ground underneath; so far – living and doing all to enjoy every day – when we have energy – to read to each other, watch a movie. When we are too tired, we just go through the motions, make the best of it, being kind to ourselves, hug or stroke one another’s head – without words. Somehow these days a hug or patting a hand is kinder and more helpful than words. Silence is always so kind. Especially when I’m around my husband after his day’s work. (Or he is around me – after my day of work). You will know – when silence is better. And when the words are better.

Beautiful Life

I suddenly understood what “getting some rest” means for me. Like in phrases “I am so tired, I need rest”. “Rest” is following my own moods and spontaneous ideas for at least 1-2 hours. Three-four, even better. Not being interrupted by what I need to do for others (if I don’t feel like doing it): cooking, writing emails, talking on the phone, listening…

Another Lockdown Achievement

Now when we feel like it, we, my husband and I watch different movies in different rooms at the same time. While at other times – we share the experience of watching something we both enjoy.

Leaving You with a Quote

Love does not require force, it is one. (Unknown)

Love is the greatest force in the Universe (M.L. King Jr.)

I saw both quotes on mall billboards and among ads in Manhattan in April and May 2021.

Tips and Tricks

More “fixing action” and desire to “fix with action” keeps you longer in the reality “I have a problem I need to fix”. More helpful approach here is to perform your action once – and expect the desired result. I absolutely insist, the “expecting” part is most important. This way, like a true real life magician, you take out of the bag of thousand possibilities the desired rabbit in a red bowtie.

Leaving You with a Quote

"Be of good cheer, for there are lights where you think there is darkness."

—The Early Sessions Book 3 Session 107 November 16, 1964


Usually people say hi to friends in the beginning, but since I jumped into the post right away, here is hello - at the end - to all my dear friends who read this - in Brooklyn, Colorado, Ukraine, Russia, and the rest of the world who just stops by, seeing the lit candle. During lockdown time I feel even closer to you than before. As if during this time we were given a chance to see what was important. And these connections proved the important ones. 

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