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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

When You Are at the End of your Patience and Strength


The previous year had tried our strength. Though it is 2021 now, the same situation continues. The mix is different for all of us, but the principle is the same. There can be anything in your mix – home schooling, nonstop working from home, covid in the family, cancer, financial lack…

 There are days when something shifts inside and you cannot continue “business as usual”. You still face another day, but you are frozen inside. And try to interest yourself in your usual projects, but they all look unimportant and dull.

My behavior in such situations is to feel guilty and try to pick myself up off the ground. Like a tired horse. But soon I see myself a tired horse and understand I should get some rest. The only way out – if I want to avoid a nervous breakdown or a mental institution.

1.     I do minimum – simplest food, necessary emails and calls only. The rest can wait. You know all your “energy thieves”.  

2.     No new challenging projects – just for now.

3.     Yet maximum pampering and enjoyable things. Hot shower, reading in my daybed with a teddy bear, like a sick kid. Don’t laugh. This is very important. Even an hour or two work miracles – when I am not distracted by people or calls. (Where do I find time? When everyone is still asleep. And already asleep. You know the time. And when ‘family distractors’ are busy working or playing).

4.     I also take short walks. Enjoy them. Look at the sky and trees around.

In all this – remember how important it is to take good care of yourself – before you get sick or go crazy. Will you enjoy headache or fever? So don’t drive yourself into it. Stop before.

These are just a few tips, but they work for me, helping me to run this marathon. I don’t know when our exhausting family health problem will be over – maybe in 6 months. So, it is a long way. I confess, every night I ask all conceivable saints, guides and gods – to give us strength to live through this and get to the other side of the bridge.

I know we will get there. And the “marathon approach” is helping.

Seth On Health

"Public health announcements about high blood pressure themselves raise the blood pressure of millions of television viewers."

—Nature of Mass Events, Chapter 2: Session 805, May 16, 1977

"Your current ideas of preventative medicine, therefore, generate the very kind of fear that causes disease. They all undermine the individual’s sense of bodily security and increase stress, while offering the body a specific, detailed disease plan."

—NoME Chapter 2: Session 805, May 16, 1977

Beautiful Life

Valentine’s Day

We do not celebrate Valentine’s Day as such – my husband and me. More, the expressions of love are sprinkled throughout the year. Yet, I would be lying to you if I say surprise flowers or a gift of something I really want wouldn’t be nice.

Still, no celebration on a specific day takes away the pressure. And we eat out on Saturdays now and then for no reason.

As for Cards, I have three wonderful ones from my husband – on my nightstand. We bought them together while shopping on a regular day. Now that each of us has enough Dear Husband/Wife cards, we look through this section while grocery shopping and show each other the ones we like most. To mean ”this is what I agree with, what I like”. Then we hug, leave the cards, and go home.

Leaving You With a Quote

You prolong your problem by concentration upon it. (Seth Student sessions)

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