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Thursday, February 25, 2021

I Create My Reality: Example of February 22, 2021

 Fate and Travels of My Parent’s Christmas Package

If you are like me, you must love everything fresh – strawberries, jokes, salad. So, here is a fresh reality creation example.

It is about a Christmas package. I send them to my parents in Ukraine every year. It is a pleasure for me to get the package ready, and for my parents – to enjoy the gifts all year round. This way it becomes something shared – like a meal or a conversation.

This year – apart from customized calendar with our family pictures I was fortunate to make one more thing – an apron for my Mum.

 Wishing to beat the Christmas crowd, I sent the package early. November 25. Happy to move work to USPS sholders, I never thought about the package, knowing there would be no problem. My packages have always arrived safely and in reasonable time.

 But this year, my parents haven’t got their gifts by New Year. To my Mom’s questions I would reply “It is still holiday time and covid; post offices are swamped. Wait a bit more, you’ll get it”. And we waited a bit more. End of January, 15th of February.

During all this time there was only one thing I did. The only thing that really helps and moves things. You will think it ridiculous. I visualized my Mum in the new apron – pink and orange flowers, blue bias tape, half-moon pocket divided in two. I wasn’t doing it like the one obsessed, just now and then, for a few seconds.

I did all I could as far as actions go – made the gifts, send them by mail, and paid for them. Now I let things work themselves out. And I visualized the result: “this is what I want – my Mum in the apron”. Stops on the way and detours are of no importance.

After Feb 15, when the time came to start compiling the second package – another apron and the calendar, we decided to make sure the first package is lost. I tracked it using my Customs Form number, and my Mum went with the results to her local post office.

And you should know my Mum. She had enquired about the package several times and talked to the post man. His reply was, “we have nothing for you, but do find the tracking number”.

So, we gave up. Because the tracking shows December 3, 2020 as the date when the package left Kiev, the Ukrainian capital. And end of February the next year is pretty much the time when you give up waiting. Nearly three months later.

My traditional common sense told me so, but I was sorry to give up, the apron was so pretty, made with love, so I visualized my Mum in this apron a couple more times. I lose nothing. And I know from experience the theory is right. Has worked for me hundreds of times.

Today is my brother’s birthday. So I opened Skype to send him my best wishes. And there is an audio from my Mum, suggesting I share their joy, since my Dad picked up the package from the post office. She loves the apron and our pictures on the calendar.


I don’t need to tell you how glad I was. The whole gift project was special to us and we were looking forward to this experience of shared joy.

I am posting this example for you because it is more stunning than other tiny ones – with parking, gadgets, catching planes. I will keep piling them up anyway, large and small examples to show you that you create your reality. Only you, not your friends, family or government. 

Leaving You with a Quote

“You have within you ready-made method of achieving desire: positive visualization. Positive imagination, and confidence”.

(from a Seth Book by Jane Roberts, I don’t have the exact source)

• "The problem is obviously distressing, but help is not to be found by discussing its distressing aspects. It does not serve as an impetus any longer, now that the problem has been faced. [...]"

• "[...] One of the main problems however is any undue emphasis on the problem."

(The Personal Sessions, Book 1 Session 478 (Deleted) April 28, 1969)

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