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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The World In 2021: What I Want Our Future To Be


This is the craziest blog I have ever written. And if I say it is crazy, it must be far off.

Though a lot of friends and strangers will think I must have my head examined – writing such things, but what would be the use of keeping my blog if I cannot write what I consider right and of most importance.


Where do I get my information from? Mostly from looking at the way things are and have been. And the way they have started to change.

The world is becoming very different from what we are used to. And I want it to become different. We cannot be created for work and life most of us have now. I am not even talking about the hardship and hunger of poor countries. (Why to insult your intelligence?) But about the way we live in so called developed countries.

Life/Work: I live in NJ, across the river from New York City. “If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere”, like Sinatra sang… Even before the pandemic I had been watching office workers in the World Financial Center and subway riders. Lines to get lunch in “Hudson Eats” cafes in Brookfield had been 40-60 people long in popular spots. Yes, I stopped to count. And the faces of subway riders in the morning and evening? Never looking on top of the world. My husband included. At least this madness of everyday commute twice a day 20 days a month is over. And it is obvious so many “office days” are unnecessary. So much is efficiently done from the comfort of your home with flexible schedule.

Race/People: It might be me, but can be true for a lot of us. Unsurprisingly – fear and hate, but also so much kindness – to people of all races and ages, to animals. And it is the latter I expect to prevail. Kindness and feeling we are all part of a whole. I catch myself “noticing” people more. Noticing a person behind all these unexciting jobs. I expect technology and changing drastically our way of life will help us to build the world where everyone looks forward to getting up in the morning. To another new day. Life should not be an annual prison sentence with one thing to look forward – a vacation.

Government: I have not seen the evening news about new development on Capitol Hill yet, but I know, whatever happens, will bring beneficial changes to the whole system. To our lives. I expect it to happen. And expectations always come true.

I am sure more can be done by each of us personally, as part of community groups. To achieve simpler yet more fulfilling life where time is spent on meaningful pursuits instead of useless reports and emails.

This will sound crazy, but I feel I would like to be a part of community where I know my neighbors and where we can work together on projects. Basic ones, like planting flower beds. Out condo community throws parties now and then. But this is different. And parties are just not my cup of tea.

Technology: on the one hand, it is a wonder – all the streaming of books, movies, and talking to my family in Ukraine on Skype video calls. But on the other – it is frustrating wicked thing, taking away people’s attention from themselves, friend’s faces, bird songs, and cherry trees. I sometimes have a strong urge to throw away my laptop. From the balcony window. To a flight of four floors down. To my freedom.

Therefore, new life should be with technology that frees you instead of making you a slave.

Plastic/paper: I am looking forward to the days of zero junk mail in my mailbox downstairs. To think, even organizations that care about nature and wild animals think it a good idea to send me a lot of useless paper. While, if I feel like donating to a cause, I will happier react to an email, which does not have an added sad weight of a paper envelope.

As for plastic, surely there are ways to move to compostable packaging altogether. So that not only my Woolovers sweater arrives in a bag that says “I am not plastic”, but salad and sour cream are packaged responsibly too.

So, the way of tomorrow is compostable material, or switching us altogether to farmer’s markets and small quality shops, like in “pre-supermarket” times. When you actually know the owner and employees.

Learning: I have never liked going to school (of any kind – from kindergarten to college; tango and art classes are happy exceptions). The system of exams, of learning a lot of boring stuff I never use now… Not the best – in my opinion. Maybe it is time for the change as well?

Medical Science: Body’s propensity to illness and general decline is actively stressed, while its vitality and natural defense system – so little. Knowing how much body can do for our health, how powerfully it sorts out imbalance – if we trust in this power, will keep so many people healthy and happy.  

All this is not wishful thinking and delusional babbling. But more mine, and yours, dreaming new way of life into being. You know of this happening numerous times: airplanes, spaceships, freedom for all… First you dream it, then you help your dream materialize.

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