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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Helping Yourself in Unpleasant Situations



When you have “disaster” anything – job, relationship, neighbors, etc. – change your today’s situation first. Before moving on – to a new living space, job, relationship. It’s difficult to explain, I better give you an example. 
If in the old apartment you had noisy neighbors, imagine in your mind quiet. I tried this approach when living above a boxing gym in Bayonne, NJ. Every time they started training (5pm–9pm), after initial period of frustration, I switched to helping myself. I imagined silence, thought about gym’s moving – to a better location. To prosper, but away from me.

So far this is most striking of my visualized creations – when you bring something into happening. When we got back after a month vacation in 2012, I saw a note on the gym door saying they had moved and their new address. 

I was sure I had a hand in this. Anyway, whatever were their plans irrespective of me, I improved my reality.

More important, when we moved from this apartment to a condo, it was a quiet place. No loud neighbors or a school next to us. Moreover – few neighbors for me to see on the balconies close. I can’t help it – I feel my most relaxed when no one is looking at me. 

Beautiful Life

It looks like strangers and friends understand more of the truths I have learned – through my smile, look in my eyes, my whole air – than from all words I can present in lectures or books. Even “wisdom pearls” I share do less than living, casual contact, close contact.

All the knowledge I’ve processed and applied over 15 years – is more in my gait, smile and air around me than in words.


I have no hard theoretical proof it is so, but a lot of things from my experience show it is so.

Life is like your night dream in a lot of respects. Very malleable. You expect a dog in your dream to bite you, and it does. You expect him to wag his tail, and you will have a whole bucketful of wagging.

Leaving You with a Quote

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.




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