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Friday, August 28, 2020

On the Benefits of Following the Inner Flow


In the hours when you are your own boss (e.g. working from home) or working someplace where you are not distracted every minute and can plan your day… we all have these necessary luxury hours. So, for these times – while you work-play or play – do what you feel like doing today. It will not be “indulgence, laziness, nothing will get done”. You will do what is needed with greater ease. Only following the flow, instead of struggling and making an effort (they are only erroneously noble).

One day the bare thought of washing the windows or sorting my digital photos is unbearable. But there comes another day when I say to myself, “I feel like doing it. I don’t mind.” This way EVERYTHING important gets done eventually.

What about “day staples”, such as walks, meditation, journaling, reading? Some stay forever – like water and stretching in the morning. Others – I do move around or to another day. Or do a little bit. If the desire and impulse to do something else right now is very strong.

(“Spontaneity has its own order”, Seth, Class Sessions). Here is another example: after days of not moving the dress project (I couldn’t bear the thought of ripping more French seams), I resumed it one evening while watching a mystery with my husband – and it went so well! I almost finished ripping the seams and enjoyed the process!

There is so much damage in forcing anything. And developing a new useful habit in these difficult, but more flexible times is doing me a lot of good. Everything-wise (health/mental health/abundance/relationships/happiness…). 

Beautiful Life

Peeling bananas from right/wrong end – doing things the right/wrong way from somebody’s point of view. Your reaction to this – either you start arguing, explaining, and feel the suggestions as pressure or you are rock calm inside. You do things your way and feel no need to justify or explain.

Leaving You With a Quote  

This is something I wrote in August 2016. And considering what’s going on now, it is surprisingly still valid.

“With our technological gadgets and new set ups we somewhat lost our way. Or rather, we moved away from simple and efficient ways. And now we look for the way back to the simple. Very often – taking detours. In spas and retreats looking for things that can be found in a morning park. In a large house looking for the cozy comfort available in a smaller one”.

 The photo is - about "alternative use of gloves - for painting. 


  1. Great post, very insightful. We've been programmed to get as much done in a day as humanly possible, and with all our "modern" gadgets we do more and more... but at what cost to ourselves? There are times when I hate the idea of folding laundry, and then a day or so later dig in and find there is satisfaction and a small feeling of accomplishment. Spontaneity comes from our inner selves, and should not be treated as a luxury, but instead divine guidance.

    1. Yes Deb, I agree. (Sorry, only saw your post today:) And a very helpful guidance! Major use of Seth and similar teachings for me - is their practical use (take advantage of spontaneity, night dreaming, be in the moment, etc.).

      Someone might say it is crazy, but what do I care, since it is so helpful. Like having a magic wand or a genie. Why shouldn't I take advantage?


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