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Monday, March 2, 2020

Example of my New Philosophy at Work: Asking Inner Self for Assistance

Today was a wonderful day. I had been planning to write a new blog post. Yet, before going to bed the previous night I “ordered” a healing dream and asked to help make my next day such as to move me in the direction most beneficial for me. 

Not even remembering that I’d asked for this I started my day – still planning to write the new post.

But then resurfaced ideas about selling on etsy, scanning drawings and other art related things. I got new ideas that might be my next steps in creative land. Also – I found solutions to technical problems I’ve had for a long time.  

Other suggestions I make before going to sleep: “I’ll wake up refreshed, full of energy – before the alarm clock”. This works fine – I do wake up before the alarm clock, but unless I am going to the city, it’s been difficult to actually get up as soon as I am awake. I’d welcome any useful tricks in this area. Let me know if you’ve discovered any. The only one I know so far is when I need to do something for my husband.  Then I jump out of bed immediately. 

An anonymous quote I came across: “God has 3 answers to your prayers: Yes/Not yet/I have something better in mind”.

On Another Note
Centuries ago we used to trust and turn attentive heart and ear to ourselves, but then we largely stopped. We switched to our elders, books written by others, scientists and doctors. We started thinking, “They will give all the answers, they will know what to do”. Listening to myself more than to any other person alive is the way to go for me – now. Others can be of help – but each step needs my personal sincere approval. 

The importance of telling yourself often “I did it eventually
Less pressing yourself to do things – more noticing – what you feel like doing today – from your weekly/monthly list. Inserting now and then things from your ‘Have to’ list.
It is better than repeating ‘I haven’t started the book, the blog, the laundry, and so on’.
“I did it eventually”. 

Beautiful World
There is a piano in the hall of the Amsterdam train station. The sign on the floor says “Show your talent”. Anyone who feels like playing can sit down and play. While I was there, a young man, and then – a young woman played something to make me stop. 
The photo - is of my great grandmother. One of my favorites. 

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