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Monday, February 3, 2020

I Spilled my Breakfast all Over Myself, How Fortunate! The Lesson Learned

Yes, don’t laugh! The last cup of green smoothie and now I am not to have it. It has already found new living quarters – on my office chair, on the floor, my house pants and fabric tablecloth.

Now I am to go half hungry – with two table spoons of the magic concoction and a banana. But do not think that the smoothie jumped out of the cup of its own free will. I kept thinking about my new etsy shop and Amazon FBA, made a sudden wild movement to get up to look at a recent etsy shipping notification (how people do it) – and here you have it!

The lessons learned: do not start two heavyweight projects at once and do one thing at a time.

While chewing you had an idea? Great, happens all the time. Write it down. No need to waste good smoothie and ruin house pants.

Boredom Eating

When you are engrossed in doing something interesting or exciting, you will never think about food (unless you have not eaten for 4 or more hours). When you are so occupied, meal break is a nuisance.  You rush your lunch to get back to the interesting work-play.

On Another Note

In all relationships – living with a partner, children, parents – you can change the atmosphere and how you are treated. In a way you add spices to your soup. Only “adding spices” is changing yourself. Not in the way of fixing the broken, but creating the best version of you. It is like adding spices to the right part of your pot. Add, mix – the whole soup is spicy now.


While I was looking at other etsy handmade creations (thinking about my own), I came across this beautiful store Love The Ark .
The lady lives in London and creates bespoke hand-lettered and painted products. You know how I am partial to calligraphy and drawings. There is so much in the energy and care with which such creations are made. Whether it is a dress or a post card. 

And naturally, I cannot but brag about my own creations. The one at the top of the page is the one I love best I am trying it out. It’s a bookmark.

Helpful Tip When Starting Something New and Risky
When you are starting something – small at first. Keep reminding yourself – what do you lose? Ok, a few hundred bucks (or two thousand – whatever is your scope). No project of new endeavor is so risky as to be life threatening. If death is what you are most afraid of. If not, and poverty and loneliness are your demons, these demons are not real. You will always have friends and all you need to live well.  

Beautiful World
In a PATH train (the one that goes from NJ to NYC) I see a dressed up couple of 40-45 years old. You can see they are going to the city to an event of some sort. The man with shoulder length curly hair is dressed in a black suit and shirt with a yellow tie. The light yellow of the tie matches blond hair of the lady. She is also dressed in black. Pretty much. One-shoulder sleeveless dress, knee length. And gray canvas sneakers.

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