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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

I Finally Decided to Open an Etsy Store!

I am already past the stage of a child who comes to the brink of the ocean, touches the cool water with her toe and runs back terrified of what she knows not.
I have already decided to get into the water and I am running to it in terror and excitement, determined not to turn back. Because the thrill of excitement is stronger than the terror. Finally.
And because I know I’ll be sorry if I never try. And after I am dead, I’ll tell myself “See, there was nothing to fear, you should have tried out more of your ideas.”
I already have a few achievements under my belt that seemed.

Things that seemed impossible:

-        A trip to Ukraine to visit my family (we did go in 2019);

-        Getting home from NYC when I wanted, instead of waiting for my husband until 17:40 p.m. Now I go home when I want, the habit of “17:40 always” was gradually broken. I can tell you how if you are interested.

-        Having potted plants in my condo (with frequent trips and zero experience).

Things that never existed:

-        My blog (it is three months old this January);

-        Tango classes comfortably in my schedule.

So, back to the store. Instead of letting myself imagine all the things that can go wrong, I train myself to get used to a new belief: “Things will go smoothly, with gradual progress.” As for problems, I will be able to sort them out. Like I sort out other problems in my life.

In the beginning, before I resolved to open a store, nothing seemed more terrifying than possible mistakes in handling other people’s money. I trained myself to treat these as regular problems. Nothing serious or life threatening. After all, PayPal and Etsy sites are quite successful in managing the transactions. I saw it! I paid for my orders! Yes, there is also the bogeyman of inexperience! But I keep telling myself, “I’ll start small and learn.” And I am learning.

If you look at your life, you will always find in your past projects and steps that you’ve completed successfully. Both low and high risk. It might be time to try something new again. Venture to your own uncharted territory.

Useful Tip: the Power of Expectation 

When shopping for your favorite anything (chocolate, bread, yoghurt) expect it to be there. It is a great casual training for positive expectation of more important things – events, experiences, dreams coming true… 

The same type of training: when going to an unknown restaurant expect to find something suitable for you.

Beautiful World 

When it seems to you nothing is happening – it IS happening. Seeds inside grow, the answers are looking for ways to reach you, just remember to listen. Closest patch of your path gradually becomes clear. Together with the general direction of your life path.

All this happens when you think nothing is happening and you seem to be making zero progress.

Only in cartoons flowers and trees grow within seconds. In life all is slower, but grows every second. 

The sketch in the beginning is for the store. For stationery and paper products. 


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  2. Good luck with your store! It's a great idea)))

  3. Thanks! I think so too, so now I am clearing room - both physically (stuff, papers) and in my schedule. There is still a lot on my plate - all in all.
    But like with your sewing - the most important thing is to create things. While watching my favorite Jane Austin today, I jotted down some ideas for printed products (remember, the zazzle store - so far the only place where I can create printed things). There are a few products I've planned to make for years - but would come across technical obstacles again and again. And knew not how to solve the problems. Recently I found answers to some of the questions and am happy to say that I can go ahead now.


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