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Monday, March 2, 2020

Example of my New Philosophy at Work: Asking Inner Self for Assistance

Today was a wonderful day. I had been planning to write a new blog post. Yet, before going to bed the previous night I “ordered” a healing dream and asked to help make my next day such as to move me in the direction most beneficial for me. 

Not even remembering that I’d asked for this I started my day – still planning to write the new post.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

I Finally Decided to Open an Etsy Store!

I am already past the stage of a child who comes to the brink of the ocean, touches the cool water with her toe and runs back terrified of what she knows not.
I have already decided to get into the water and I am running to it in terror and excitement, determined not to turn back. Because the thrill of excitement is stronger than the terror. Finally.
And because I know I’ll be sorry if I never try. And after I am dead, I’ll tell myself “See, there was nothing to fear, you should have tried out more of your ideas.”
I already have a few achievements under my belt that seemed.