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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Visualizing magic: Example of August 28, 2019

Though there is no elegant storefront yet, only bare walls, I decided to write the first post anyway. Dive into the useful stuff at once. I know my friends will stop by; a few more will wander in for support and inspiration, so we’ll have a cozy company here. 

Now – to today’s visualizing example. I love reading others’ accounts, I expect you do too. So, visualizing. Big and small. For catching a fly, for buying a house.

I have been practicing this science playfully for over 10 years. And I am here to share my experience to inspire you. What’s the use of it collecting dust? 

Theory – from quantum physics, Seth books, Mike Dooley and similar sources. Though you will forgive me, I won’t be heavy on theory.

You create your reality with your thoughts, attitudes, expectations – choosing it from infinite varieties that already exist in the ‘field of possibilities’ (‘Reality Transurfing’, Vadim Zeland). You can materialize anything (if you don’t sit on your own train tracks). 

So, today’s instance as an example. I need to cross train tracks on my way home (to my condo in Jersey City, NJ). If the train is passing, you can get stuck for 20-30 minutes. Today, when I was five minutes away from the tracks and heard the train signal, I started visualizing the result I wanted: I walk up to the tracks and see the last train car.

(If you are new to this – visualizing is imagining in your mind the picture of the desired result. You can throw in sounds and feelings, this will help).

So, I flash the picture in my mind a few times in a relaxed way and keep walking. By this time – after 10 years, I come very close to being absolutely sure it will work. After all, living for 30 years without using the magic… I still need more practice and more impressive magic feats to be absolutely sure of my Power. And successful examples build confidence.

When I come to the tracks, the train is still moving. I flash the picture once more. This is still an exercise for me – to keep ‘I am sure’ feeling inside. Thinking ‘I am choosing this reality from thousands others’. In 30 seconds I see the last train car crossing the tracks. I duck under the barrier and cross the tracks.

Why the exercise and training? To get best at it and manifest more mind-blowing events. I already have such experience. Things going from ‘impossible, cannot happen’ to ‘happened’. 

Beautiful World

It is still sunny in early September in New Jersey. Today, the night’s rain on a patch of grass in my condo complex is all diamonds. I know, a worn out metaphor, but this is how it looks – a few hundred diamonds sprinkled generously. I stopped for a few moments to look.

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