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Monday, September 9, 2019

More examples of successful visualizations: fly trap story and source of everyday noise disappears

Since I promised to share my successful visualizations, here are some more. One – the most recent and already a favorite and the other – my all-time favorite. Because of the scale and the fact that I was sure, I had a hand in this, it was no coincidence.

I. Fly Trap

The previous summer I was frustrated with the number of flies that managed to get inside despite the screens. I was so afraid they would get inside that they did. Like everything you are afraid of – enters your life. You visualize it vividly and the emotions are strong – and this does the trick.

So, I had quite an unpleasant experience – the stronger was my desire not to kill them, the more I had to kill. The humane trap I made (from swatter and a plastic bag) was not working.

This year I was using the same trap, but my visuals helped. And I had no fears. To tell the truth, I was surprised by the results. That is why I mention the case here.

I wasn’t splatting the flies, but lowering the splatter with the bag and visualizing the fly in the bag – every time. (Just looking at an empty bag and replacing the picture with the one with fly inside).

If not always at the first attempt (you know how flies are – jumpy at times), I did catch every fly that got inside the apartment. Always visualizing the fly in the bag. Not a single fear-thought or thinking about what can go wrong.  But becoming – you might call – a bit of an idiot (no matter what the reality shows – I am creating THIS).

I caught about 7-8 of them and was impressed with the results. All the flies were taken outside and released.

II. Source of HUGE everyday noise gone

I am especially proud of this one, since it couldn’t have been a coincidence.

A few days after we’ve moved into our apartment in Bayonne, NJ we heard unusual noise downstairs. It was difficult to understand its nature, so I put it down to a construction project. The noise usually started around 5 p.m. and stopped around 9 p.m.

Since I especially love quiet, I was frustrated. More so – when I found out it was a boxing gym. With heavy bags on metal chains. So, it was not a construction project that would end soon, but a business, which was downstairs to live and prosper, and we were stuck with it.

This is how I went about removing the nuisance from my life:  a) whenever noise started, after an instinctive irritation wave, I would do my best to ‘imagine’ quiet b) and also at all times – visualize another, quieter business in gym’s place (the gym logo not there). While the gym has moved to another location – to prosper there.

(Please, don’t think that my initial reactions were positive. But knowing the laws – that by constant negativity and irritation I bring more of the same into my life, I decided to go about it the wise way).

And now – my favorite part. That year we took our first European vacation. When we got back from the trip, I noticed right away – you are right – the gym was not there. There was a note on the door with the new address 20 streets up. (I saw it later; it was a larger place in a nonresidential building).

I can talk about it quietly now, but then I was psyched with joy and very proud of myself. With no one to brag to. J

Beautiful life

On hold music while I am waiting for the property manager to talk to me is not for working situation. It is classical piano, of a dancing type. The music which moves you to jump around like a 5 year old. If you are 5 or 65. My mood was a happy one and the music improved it even more.

I welcome any questions. This will get me an idea in what area help is needed most.

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