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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

I create my reality: example of fall 2016

Since one of my readers asked for more stories, I am happy to oblige. Especially because I love reading and sharing such stories. Sharing will be like throwing seeds in soil, on which something good will grow.

 Though it’s an old story, it matters not.
My husband and I had tickets for an evening string concert in October 2016 (Joshua Bell) in Newark Art Center (NJPAC). Being a long standing “reality creation” student, I visualized an pleasant evening. Having the feeling of enjoyment inside.

  To begin the “enjoyable” evening, our tickets wouldn’t scan correctly. And the lady at the entrance scanned them several times. After the third unsuccessful attempt she sent us to the box office to sort things out. It is almost 7 pm. Visualizing enjoyment seems of no use, but I keep doing it. (As an exercise).

 In the box office we wait in a long line. And it’s already seven, you remember. Only to find out that we are in the wrong building. Surprisingly. It turns out, there is another building up the street, where we have never been.

 With our imperfect English it is not easy to understand the explanations. We do not bother with a taxi, but walk and run 2-3 blocks. The doors are locked, but someone opens them for us and two other couples of late-coming sprinters.

 Though we are a nice couple of a Superman and a Superwoman, we are seriously late. Those who are late, have to wait for the intermission. And still I wearily visualize enjoyment.

 We can listen to the concert in the foyer (there are TV screens there), but one of the attendants opens the hall door for us – if we agree to sit on the stairs. We agree and sit down comfortably on our coats.

 I don’t remember, which piece by Tchaikovsky the orchestra was playing, but it was very beautiful. I liked it best of all that evening. I enjoyed myself thoroughly – no matter where I sat – on the stairs or in a chair.

 When I asked my husband after the performance, if he enjoyed it, he said, he could not bring himself to enjoy the part he spent on the stairs.

 No matter where you are – in a concert hall, on vacation, or just living your life – it is up to you in all cases – to enjoy it or not. Even if you are experiencing things together with two or two thousand other people. 


  1. Nice to know you still enjoyed the concert! I'm currently reading Sean Stephenson's book and he said his life changed when he was a child, in great pain because of yet another bone break. His mother told him his physical handicap was real, but that suffering emotionally because of it or not was his choice. He could focus what was wrong (for instance, things he couldn't do like other kids) or focus on what he COULD do (he was brilliant and exceedingly successful in many ways). The way we react to circumstances is up to us!

  2. Yes, Deb! But it seems at times that it is a learning curve. You need to get into a habit of looking at things like this. And 'falling asleep', so to say and think that 'life happens'.
    I am so glad we've done so much in this area and are quite successful students of "Life Creation Academy"

  3. With my imperfect English it's rather difficult to leave comments but I'l try)) Well, I think you are happy you can live the way you like and enjoy every day of it))

  4. It's easier now. But at first getting happy required some work. And even now - there are some 'not happy' times :) Since I am not a mechanical Pollyanna doll.

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